CS Roll Call Video Instructions

This video for the 2020 Virtual Ball will feature every CS Musician and Project Inclusion Fellow stating their name, instrument, and the year they first played with the orchestra. The goal is to give potential donors a more personal connection to the people they’re supporting.

Before you UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO HERE, please take a couple minutes to read through everything below as it’ll make for clean audio/video that features you at your best. 🙂

Video submission deadline:
Friday, September 18th before sunset (6:53 pm)


  • Look awesome. (Avoid wearing white as it can easily over-expose.)
  • Place yourself opposite a window so that light is on your face.
  • Do NOT place a window or bright light behind you.
  • Outdoors is ok if it’s not windy.
  • Place your smartphone/camera roughly 3-4 feet from you so that we get clean audio and you’re in focus (if you know how to manually set your focus, please do so!)
  • Use your smartphone’s primary/back camera, NOT the selfie camera that faces you. You won’t be able to see yourself while filming, but the primary camera is better quality. Please don’t use a laptop/desktop camera, they’re terrible.
  • Use a tripod, a music stand, or similar to secure the phone. No handheld, please.
  • Feel free to shoot in either horizontal or vertical orientation; let your instrument guide you (cello, bassoon, bass, and trombone look great in vertical framing, for instance).
  • Face the camera straight on and have your eyes level with the camera lens.
  • Wipe the lens with a soft towel to clean it, grab your instrument, then hit RECORD and have fun.
  • There’s a full version and a short version. Please customize for your instrument. For example:
    1. FULL: “I’m [name], and I’ve been a [violinist/bass player/harpist] with the Chicago Sinfonietta since [1992].”
    2. 5 second pause, keep smiling at the camera, wow you look great!
    3. SHORT: Name, Instrument, Year (“Dave Belden, violinist, 1992.”)
    4. 5 second pause, are you smiling?
  • Say each version at least three times, the more takes the better. Mix up your tempo.
  • If you hold a titled/principal position, please state your title.
  • I mean it when I say to have fun. If you want to mess with your instrument, tighten your bow, do that horn cleaning thing that horn players do, then go for it!
  • There’s no need to edit your videos.
  • Smiling makes a huge difference. As Maestro Freeman was fond of saying, “the audience hears with their eyes as well as their ears.” 😛
    1. FULL alternate for PI Fellows: “I’m [name]. I’m a [violinist/conductor/composer] and a Project Inclusion Fellow.”
    2. SHORT alternate for PI: Name, Instrument, Project Inclusion Fellow (“Seth Pae, violist, Project Inclusion Fellow.”)


Upload to DROPBOX (preferred)
Follow that link on your phone (or computer), and your web browser will open and allow you to choose the video file(s) from your photo or media library. You shouldn’t need the Dropbox app.

(alternate methods):

Google Drive, iCloud, Box, etc., are all good, just send me a download link.
Email may work, but only if the video can be sent at full size (for instance, using Apple’s Mail Drop)
Do NOT text me the file because it scales the video down.

Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns and tech issues.

— Dave