CS IMAGINE Video Instructions

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all doing well, and I’m excited to work with you all virtually again! I know it’s a lot to digest, but please take a moment to read through everything below as it’ll make for clean and consistent video/audio that features you at your best. 🙂

Video submission deadline:
Tuesday, September 8th before sunset (7:11 pm)

Upload to DROPBOX

Score and Parts folder on Dropbox

Click Tracks folder on Dropbox
(updated 9/1 with remixed click tracks)


  • Tune to A440
  • Wear black and/or gray and look awesome. (Avoid wearing white.)
  • Place yourself opposite a window so that the light is on your face. Please do NOT place a window or bright light behind you.
  • Try to place your smartphone/camera roughly 4 feet from you so that we get cleaner audio and you’re in focus (If you know how to manually set your focus, please do so!)
  • Use your smartphone’s primary/back camera, NOT the selfie camera that faces you. You won’t be able to see yourself while playing, but the primary camera is better quality. Please don’t use a laptop/desktop camera, they’re terrible.
  • Use a tripod or similar to secure the phone. No handheld, please.
  • Feel free to shoot in either horizontal or vertical orientation; let your instrument guide you (cello, bassoon, bass, and trombone look great in vertical framing, for instance).
  • Frame so your eyes are level with the camera, and so that you’re generally facing the camera (i.e., violinists try to face your chest toward camera)
  • Camera settings: 4K at 30fps (frames-per-second) is preferred, but 1080p at 30fps is also great (don’t sweat this too much). If you need help changing your settings, try the tips at these links:
    How to Change your iPhone Video Resolution Settings (Tech Radar)
    Smartphone Video Editing How-to Tips iPhone-Android (The Verge)
  • Wipe the camera lens with a soft towel to clean it.
  • Play the click track into earbuds/headphones from a separate phone/computer or other device. Do NOT play the track out loud.

There’s a subito più mosso at 2:31 (bar 42), so you have a couple options:

  • Record 2 videos: the slower first section, and then the faster closing section. Just use the applicable click tracks.
  • Or record a full video using one of the “Full” click tracks.
  • One take of each section is preferred, but feel free to send more if you’re not happy with a take. Just tell me in the video or email me a note about what to fix, and I’ll magically fix it. 🙂
  • There’s no need to edit your videos.


Upload to DROPBOX (preferred)
Follow that link on your phone (or computer), and your web browser will open and allow you to choose the video file(s) from your photo or media library. You shouldn’t need the Dropbox app.

(alternate methods):

Google Drive, iCloud, Box, etc., are all good, just send me a download link.
Email may work, but only if the video can be sent at full size (for instance, using Apple’s Mail Drop)
Do NOT text me the video because it scales the video down.

Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns and tech issues.

Many, many thanks, and can’t wait to see and hear you all!!!

— Dave 847.830.0947