CS March series video instructions and uploading

Before you record your video, please take a couple minutes to read everything below as it’ll make for clean audio/video that features you at your best.


  • If possible, film in natural light from a window. Most important: don’t mix artificial and natural light.
  • Position yourself opposite a window so that light is on your face. Please don’t place a window or bright light behind you.
  • Turn off all fans (heating, air conditioning, ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Use a tripod or similar to secure your phone. No handheld video, please.
  • Place your phone roughly 3-5 feet from you so we get clean audio and a good shot of you.
  • Use your phone’s primary/back camera. Do NOT use the selfie camera that faces you. You won’t be able to see yourself while filming, but the back camera is always better quality. Please don’t use a laptop/desktop camera, they’re terrible.
  • Film in HORIZONTAL/LANDSCAPE orientation. Like a movie or TV show. If you film vertically, I will have to ask you to reshoot.
  • Since you can’t see the phone display while filming, you may need a partner to help set up the shot, or make some test recordings until you and the camera are in good spots.
  • If you know how to manually set your focus and exposure, and you have a partner to help with this, please do so! (On iPhones, you press and hold over the subject on screen until “AE/AF Lock” appears.)
  • Camera settings: 4K at 30fps (frames-per-second) is preferred, but 1080p at 30fps is also great (don’t sweat this too much).
  • If you need help changing your settings, try the tips at these links:

Shooting Video with an iPhone (Wistia blog)

13 Tips for Recording Better Videos on Your Galaxy (just don’t film vertically!)

  • Wipe the camera lens with a soft towel to clean it, then hit Record.
  • One take is preferred, but feel free to send more if you’re not happy with a take. Just tell me in the video or email me a note about what to fix, and I’ll magically fix it. 🙂
  • Don’t worry about dead air or flubs. Just take a moment to regroup and begin your thought again. And there’s no need to edit your video, I’ll take care of you.
  • Most of all, have fun!


Upload to DROPBOX (preferred)
Follow that link on your phone (or computer), and your web browser will open and allow you to choose the video file(s) from your photo or media library. You shouldn’t need the Dropbox app.

(alternate methods):
(recipient: dave@davebelden.com)

Google Drive, iCloud, Box, etc., are all good, just send me a download link.
Email may work, but only if the video can be sent at full size (for instance, using Apple’s Mail Drop)
Do NOT text me the file because it scales the video down.

Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns and tech issues.

— Dave