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  • Oct 18 Demo Reels
    Three reels that feature a mix of recent projects.



    A foreign city. There you are, alone in the sterile shoebox of a hotel room at a crucial moment in your life. (Aren’t they all crucial?) You’re scared. You’re thrilled. You’re a colossus looking down on the streets outside your window. Suddenly anonymous, you can re-invent yourself right here, right now. Look in that mirror. There’s […]


  • Jun 28 MOTEL 666 at WildClaw Theatre
    Oh, I had a great time on this show. Motel 666 was a “Theatrical Horror Anthology” of 7 short plays, all set in the same motel room at different points in time. WildClaw Theatre pulled together 7 fantastic writers, a nice big ensemble cast of 12, several gallons of blood, and some 1970s wood paneling, […]
  • Apr 7 Best Actor in a Drama (2015) – Denver Westword
    I was absolutely thrilled to receive this: Denver Westword Best of Denver 2015 “Dave Belden played John Starr — the narrowly focused and sometimes unpleasant violinist whose obsession with music blinds him to his living daughter’s hunger for affection — with quiet conviction in Charles Ives Take Me Home. He also played the violin so beautifully […]
  • Jan 11 IVES in Denver
    I’m thrilled to be in Denver as part of the regional premiere of Jessica Dickey’s Charles Ives Take Me Home at Curious Theatre Company. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to do another production of this beautiful play, with another great team of theatre artists. Reviews: “Dave Belden, playing John, is an actor as well as a violinist. It’s […]
  • Jan 9 Denver Post Interview
    "If it induces people to think about the choices parents make and the choices children make and the ways parents and children don't always see each other, that's great."


  • Jun 21 CHARLES IVES TAKE ME HOME at Strawdog
    I kept nodding my head at everything John Starr says about being a violinist.
  • Jun 18 Chicago on the Aisle Interview
    “When Dave Belden took on the role of a violinist whose daughter wants nothing more than to play basketball, in Jessica Dickey’s “Charles Ives Take Me Home” at Strawdog Theatre, he saw himself as perfectly suited to the part. He plays in the Chicago Sinfonietta. What he had to overcome was his notion of himself […]
  • Mar 7 The Jewels at TUTA
    I get to play a bird in this adaptation of the Maupassant short story. March 25-April 27.



  • Oct 15 Boy Small
    I'm biased, of course, and I'm performing in it, but this play is simply fantastic. Heartbreaking, brutal, beautiful, funny, and true. OK, based on a true story.
  • Sep 13 The Last One Standing
    I'm very happy to be playing a senator in Lynne McMahon's tragic and fiery new play.
  • May 31 The Sandman at Oracle Theatre
    Through a strange coincidence, I'm back playing Spalanzani in Oracle Theatre's production of THE SANDMAN.
  • May 18 Eye of the Sandman now on DVD
    Eye of the Sandman is now available on DVD through Amazon. Get it now!
  • Apr 13 Othello’s Soule
    While another class member was working through one of Othello's monologues, I realized how often he refers to his soul throughout the play. When I got home, I did a little dorking.



  • Dec 7 Exciting new Sandman trailer
  • Nov 12 Eye of the Sandman
    After quite a few Split Pillow projects spent behind the camera, I’ll now be in front of it. Eye of the Sandman is currently in post-production, but you can check out some of the production’s behind the scenes action, details, and drama at Blog of the Sandman


  • Feb 18 UNCLE VANYA at Court Theatre
    I was part of an amazing cast in Court Theatre’s recent production of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. The show was directed by Charles Newell and staged at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The highlight was getting to work with some of the finest actors in Chicago. The lowlight was having to wear those damned boots. My […]


  • Jun 29 Ed Sullivan at Piven Theatre
    This summer up at Piven Theatre, I took over the part of Ed Sullivan (yes, that Ed Sullivan) in Michael Stock’s Lady Chaplin & Her Tramp: The Life & Art of Charlie Chaplin. My friend Dieterich Gray (hey, he’s in our Realization chapter) had to leave to do a film, so I came in for the last two weekends […]


  • Aug 15 Brushfires now on DVD
    I shot chapter five of Split Pillow‘s second feature film, based on their exquisite corpse model. Brushfires did very well on the festival circuit, and was picked up for distribution on DVD. And you’ll find it on Netflix.


  • Nov 20 TAMING OF THE SHREW at Chicago Shakespeare
    Played violin, caught flying objects, and made the bed for Kate & Petruchio in Chicago Shakespeare‘s beautiful production of Taming of the Shrew.
  • Apr 3 Tequila, family, and firearms
    I appeared in Denis Johnson‘s play Shoppers Carried By Escalators Into The Flames. At Chicago’s Viaduct Theater. A very cool play, by a very cool writer, at a very cool theater.


  • Jan 9 The Orphan Saint
    The Orphan Saint was shot in the early summer of 1999 in and around Chicago. It premiered in January 2001 at the Gene Siskel Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago. The filmmakers, Christina and Dymphna Timmins, created a town populated with wonderful characters — unique yet common — and used the “mockumentary” form […]