MOTEL 666 at WildClaw Theatre In which I learned to juggle

Oh, I had a great time on this show.

Motel 666 was a “Theatrical Horror Anthology” of 7 short plays, all set in the same motel room at different points in time. WildClaw Theatre pulled together 7 fantastic writers, a nice big ensemble cast of 12, several gallons of blood, and some 1970s wood paneling, all to create “the finest establishment on the road to nowhere.”

I was featured in Brett Neveu’s THE CHAIR OF DEATH, and Joseph Zettelmaier’s COULROPHOBE. Both were great fun to put together under Scott Cummins’ direction. I had several of the finest scene partners in Chicago either torturing me, or being tortured by me.

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I also spent countless hours learning to juggle, all for a bit that lasts about 3 seconds. Sadly, there are no production photos of Coulrophobe (they were afraid of leaking the surprise: CLOWNS), but here’s a shot of me in the makeup:

Coulrophobe makeup