I was so happy to be in Strawdog’s production of Jessica Dickey’s CHARLES IVES TAKE ME HOME. When I first read the script, I kept nodding my head at everything John Starr says about being a violinist: constant practicing, auditions, struggling to make a living as a musician. And hating sports. Alright, I don’t hate sports, but I also don’t think about them much. So it’s only fitting that my daughter in the play (the wonderful Stephanie Chavara) loves basketball. And it’s fitting that my mentor in the play, the great American composer Charles Ives (the wonderful Jamie Vann), loves sports as much as music.

Directed by the keen Keira Fromm, this 3-hander was a joy to put together. (How many plays feature a basketball & violin duel/duet?) And working at Strawdog Theatre was an absolute dream.

Strawdog Theatre Company: CHARLES IVES TAKE ME HOME

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