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litl webbook

19 November 2009 by in list o links tags:

Really impressive new device with a simple, fun interface. I was immediately comparing it to what Apple might do with a tablet/slate device. Assuming they’re doing anything at all, of course.

{ via John Gruber }

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  1. Eric Pancer November 20, 2009 Reply

    I have an iphone that does all those home-computer things (weather, pictures, etc.). Once in a while I talk on it, although given the level of service I seem to get that is certainly not what it was intended for.

    • Dave November 20, 2009 Reply

      That’s pretty much how I feel about my iPhone. It sees very little use as a phone, but that’s mostly because I hate talking on the phone (any phone). It sees almost constant use for everything else, though: web browsing, email, twitter, running, maps, music/podcasts/video, camera, reading (currently slogging through the Iliad), etc. When I think about the possibility of an Apple tablet/slate, I realize the iPhone does everything that I imagine that device might do. Back to the litl, though, it’s great that there are companies trying to provide alternatives/competition. Chrome OS may be another good example. Makes me think the desktop metaphor may be on a slow decline.

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